Ultramarine Linux 40 Rains Down

We've made it to spring! The season of rain! Just make sure you don't lose your umbrella.

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Where's My Umbrella?

With this release we are shifting to a new (more fun) codename scheme. Our core team will rotate choices for the codename. Cappy's up first, this release is named after Lost Umbrella by inabakumori, go have a listen!

Delays and Early Upgrades

Ultramarine 40 had to be delayed due to some issues with the installer and builds. Instead of leaving everyone hanging, we decided to allow existing users to upgrade early. If you're already on Ultramarine 40, awesome! If not, you can now install it now!

Presenting Xfce Edition

Now the moment we're sure you've been waiting for: Xfce Edition is here! Our new fourth edition (more about that further down.) Let's take a peek.

Xfce Edition stays close to the stock Xfce experience with a little bit of Ultramarine spice sprinkled in.

We embrace a more traditional dock and panel setup, compared to Xfce's split layout, and use a more modern menu (with search.)

In addition to these layout changes, we use the beautifully familiar Materia theme.

Xfce Edition is perfect for lower-powered devices and people who want to squeeze the most out of their computers.

If you're willing to imitate some of my shenanigans it's a really handy tool to quickly boot live and check out an older machine. It's also a great experience on Raspberry Pi (as you may have noticed in this screenshot.)

Anywhere Corner

Earlier in 2024 we announced the Ultramarine Anywhere initiative. We want to get Ultramarine into the hands of as many people as possible, and part of that is meeting you where you are, by running on the hardware you already have.

Waiter! There's an Ultramarine in My Chromebook!

We started these efforts with Ultramarine Chromebook Edition, a way to install Ultramarine on any x86 Chromebook without touching a screw driver. This was a massive undertaking and we're still finalizing things, so expect Chromebook Edition in a couple weeks!

Raspberry Pi

We announced Raspberry Pi support with Ultramarine 39, but as many of you found, the images had no desktop environment. We fixed this with Ultramarine 40, take your pick!

KDE Plasma Edition running on Raspberry Pi 400

We're also working on support for Raspberry Pi 5 and Zero 2. Take a look at our wiki page for more info.

Ultramarine 40 for Raspberry Pi will be available from our website right now (just grab a raw image) and in Raspberry Pi Imager very soon. You'll be able to install Ultramarine directly from the network installer on Pi 4! Thanks to the Pi Imager team for making this possible.

Macs, Phones, and Beyond

We're just getting started. We plan to continue extending support to more device types. If you have any suggestions (or are a hardware manufacturer) please let us know by joining one of our chats.


Ultramarine 40 enables mirrors for UM Repos and Terra! Right now we have mirrors in Central Europe, we're looking especially for mirrors in Southeast Asia and Oceania to improve the (horrendous) speeds in those parts of the world. If you'd like to host your own mirror, please reach out in one of our chats to learn more about hosting. It's easy, fast, and you'll make Mado's day.

Edition Updates

All Things End

Cultural references aside, Ultramarine 40 marks the end of our Pantheon Edition. From a growing maintenance burden, to a shrinking userbase, it is simply no longer viable for us to maintain the Pantheon Edition. We're working on a way for existing users of Pantheon to upgrade to another edition of Ultramarine, but as of now, you have five months to figure out your next steps.

The heaven meme with Ultramarine Pantheon Edition climbing the steps
Joining the Greats, Idk I just found a template

If you need any assistance with switching to another edition right now, please let us know in one of our chats.

How'd you fit 46 GNOMEs in There!?!?

GNOME 46 brings tons of quality-of-life improvements to our GNOME Edition.

Nautilus (Files) comes with a much cleaner layout, OneDrive support, and speed improvements across the board.

Nautilus showing it's new progress dialogue

GNOME Online Accounts has been revamped, featuring UI changes and updates to the accounts you can connect.

GNOME 46 comes with the ability to log into a remote session directly from the login screen, that's just really cool.

The remote login settings screen.

We've just scratched the surface, check out GNOME's release notes for more!

It's (Plasma) Six O'Clock Somewhere!

Our team was the most excited for this one. Tons of polish and quality-of-life changes. There's too much to cover here, so take a peek at KDE's announcement.

Ultramarine 40 with the KDE 6 desktop (you can tell which team member this is very easily)

(Not Quite) Ready for Readymade?

Continuing with the divorce from Red Hat's release engineering toolchain started in Ultramarine 37, we're preparing to ditch Anaconda. Introducing Readymade. It simplifies the install experience, and empowers us to take more control over the installation process and out of box experience. Readymade makes the experience better for you, and allows us to provide support for more hardware and disk configurations. Preview images with Readymade will launch shortly after Ultramarine 40, but for now, our images will use Anaconda. We hope to have Readymade as our default in Ultramarine 41!

We extensively hyped Readymade up, but it's simply not ready yet. To quote Siobhan Beeman: "A Delayed Game Is Eventually Good, a Bad Game Is Bad Forever." We hope to have Readymade (in a much better state) in your hands soon.


We've made major upgrades to our documentation during the Ultramarine 39 cycle. The Ultramarine Wiki got major updates and tons of new content, and Fyra Developer got a design revamp and content updates.

A Note to Reviewers and Anyone Who Posts about Ultramarine

Yes, we probably watched your review, saw your post, etc. Lots of people post about Ultramarine, you probably even got a comment or like from the official account, Lea, or myself. We appreciate you taking time to try out Ultramarine and letting the world (and us) know what you think.

If you tried Ultramarine 39 and were disappointed or had issues, we invite you to take a look at 40, we have greatly improved our documentation experience and solved a lot of the bugs (and we don't have a pre-release build with the wrong theme this time.)

If you review us, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll make sure to listen and promote it!

If you want to post about us, or have created something with Ultramarine, feel free to tag us or use #UltramarineLinux, we'll boost the best.

Contributor Corner

We want to recognize the people who have worked hard on Ultramarine Linux 40:


Thank you to our monetary and hardware sponsors:

Want to join this list? Sponsor us on GitHub! You'll support Ultramarine and get some sweet perks.

If you'd rather donate hardware, please email [email protected].
This email is for all hardware, not just Chromebooks. If you're especially keen you can just email Owen.

And a huge thank you to everyone who provided feedback and insight during this cycle, we couldn't do it without you.

Getting Everyone Involved

Ultramarine has been open-source from the start, meaning anyone can contribute to the project. Despite this, we have had very few community members outside of the Fyra Labs team contributing. We have begun creating documentation for community members (outside of Fyra) to get involved, creating better on-ramps for new contributors, and bringing development into the open. This is a moving target, and we'll keep working to make it easier for the community to participate in development, documentation, and design.

Lightning Round!

This section is dedicated to quick changes and housekeeping tasks that don't need a section of their own.

  • Raw images with desktops are now available for x86 (UEFI Only)
  • The conversion script has been modernized and heavily improved
  • Raw images now have out of box setup
  • GNOME Edition is testing out OEM style installs


It's easy to upgrade your existing Ultramarine Linux install!

As with any upgrade, please take a backup beforehand.

Using Your App Store

All editions (except Pantheon) can now be upgraded from their respective app stores! Check Software on Flagship and GNOME, and Discover on Plasma and follow the prompts there!

Using DNF System Upgrades

Run these commands to update the current install, and upgrade to Ultramarine 40:

sudo dnf upgrade
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=40
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Converting from Fedora

Converting from Fedora is just as easy as always!

From Fedora 39 to Ultramarine Linux 40

bash <(curl -s https://ultramarine-linux.org/migrate.sh)
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=40
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

From Fedora 40 to Ultramarine Linux 40

bash <(curl -s https://ultramarine-linux.org/migrate.sh)

Please make sure to back up your system before converting!

Installing a Fresh Copy

Follow the newly updated instructions on our wiki.

Getting Support

Join one of our Chats, the subreddit, or Open an Issue on GitHub. We'll get you going again in no time.