Ultramarine 40 New Edition Vote

We finished reviewing the community's suggestions for a new edition. Now it's time to vote for your favourite!

Ultramarine 40 New Edition Vote
Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash


We're using ranked choice voting for this vote. Simply rank the options from most wanted (at the top) to least wanted (at the bottom.) Each option is assigned points based on how you rank it. The higher the rank, the more points it gets from you.

Also, these won't be replacing any existing editions, just more choices!

Why not Option X?

We discarded some suggestions for a variety of reasons. Most discarded suggestions were due to Wayland support. In our pursuit of innovation, we have decided to not add any edition that does not support Wayland or have a reasonable plan to support it. There are a few exceptions, and we'll go over them here.


COSMIC would be a truly excellent edition, but as of now, COSMIC is still in development, and we'd like to seek the approval of System76 before including it.


Despite being a popular suggestion we have concerns regarding the community around the Hyprland project. We do not intend to ship Hyprland as an official edition.

Hyprland is still available for installation on Ultramarine Linux. Just install thehyprland package.


Lomiri is currently broken in Ultramarine. There's still a lot of work to be done. Unlike the others, this one may happen in the future.


We are proud to announce that our newest addition to our roster will be Ultramarine Linux XFCE Edition. We're excited to see what you think!