Ultramarine Linux: January Update

I'm excited to share what the Fyra Labs team has been working on for Ultramarine Linux!

Ultramarine Linux: January Update
Photo by Ana T. / Unsplash

Upgrade Script

We now have an automated upgrade script for current users of Ultramarine 36. This will swap out the old repos and invoke DNF to upgrade the system to Ultramarine 37. Please make sure to create a backup before attempting the upgrade.

To upgrade, run the following:

bash <(curl -s https://ultramarine-linux.org/36to37.sh)

ARM Builds

Ultramarine for ARM is finally here! Downloads are available on our new ARM downloads page. We've also added sha256 checksums for all of the downloads, by community request.

Fyra Kernel

We've been experimenting with a patched kernel including some performance improvements. So far, in our (unscientific) testing, we've seen a marginal improvement in startup time. Expect a write-up soon, as well as a better name :P

That's all! As always, massive props to everyone on the team. Be sure to join the Fyra Labs Discord and Ultramarine Discord if you have any questions or comments!

With love, Lea.